‘Michigan Matters’ Focus: Authors On Manners, Taxes And Other Commentary

It was a labor of love and involved two rambunctious school girls under her watch that led Whitney Pytlowany to write her first children’s book “Say Please, Amanda Louise” which was just published.

Pytlowany, principal of Red Apple Pre-School in New Hudson, had been toying with the idea of writing a book for years.  She talked about it during taping of “Michigan Matters” airing 11:30 am this Sunday on CBS 62.

She appeared as did two other local authors — Jason Vines and Burl Adkins — with Carol Cain, Senior Producer/Host of the Emmy-winning show.

Author Whitney Pytlowany on the Michigan Matters set for a special author episode with with host Carol Cain. (credit: CBS 62)

“Amanda Louise came about over 10 years ago when I had two students, one named Amanda and one named Louise. They were little rabble rousers and I was always calling their names during the school day (“Amanda, climb down from there!” and “Louise, use your inside voice.”),” said Pytlowany.

“One day, my business partner and co-teacher told me I should write a book about them and the idea was born,” she added.

Diligence was also paramount. After a few publishers turned it down, she reworked her book and sent it out again. It is being published by Nelson Publishing under their Ferne Press imprint in Northville.

“I always wanted to write a children’s book,” she said. “I knew it was something I should do to help parents problem solve with their children and I knew it was something I could do because I love to read aloud to children.”

Her advice for other would-be authors?

“Don’t give up! Getting a book published is like sending out your resume. You will send it out hundreds of times before you get that interview. Don’t be discouraged by the process and always look at your work with a critical eye,” she said.